New Chromecast update brings Screen Casting to the Masses


It’s not often an Android update gets folks excited, but if there’s ever one that will click your clock, it has to be the new Chromecast update. While that may not sound all that exciting, the update is bringing a new look to the sparse little app, and a couple of cool features to boot.

First and foremost with the new Google Chromecast update is Screen Casting. This feature was previously limited to a small number of users, but today it went wide and it is awesome. In a nutshell, screen casting will allow you to send anything you see on your phone or tablet to the TV through the magic of Chromecast and your WiFi network. When we say anything, we mean anything – including games.

Material Design is slathered all over the Chromecast app now as well. It isn’t much as there isn’t much to that app itself, but it fits with the flow of Google’s other apps and the new design language. Last but not least, is a feature called Gust Mode. As the name implies, this will allow people to stream on your Chromecast without having to be on your WiFi network. It works through a PIN or tone, ,so there’s no need to hand over your password anymore. Handy to say the least.

The new look that the Chromecast app update brings to the table is nice, and Guest Mode is a godsend for those of us who like to show off their Chromecast to guests. Screen casting is still somewhat of a Beta feature and you’ll need to be running at least Android 4.4.2 to use it. That said, it worked very well and I tested it on an older handset. A little laggy on a few games, but it works surprisingly well for a Beta feature. The Chromecast update is ready to roll and fill your streaming needs at the link below.

Chromecast App update

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