Patent shows Apple Smart Stylus may be in the works


LG is rumored to have an LG G4 with a stylus in the works, and now it appears as if Apple might be looking towards smart pens as well according to a new patent. Will the iPhone 7 Plus have a stylus? We’re not holding our breath, but the Apple smart stylus patent is certainly interesting.

The Apple smart stylus patent shows something a bit different from the S Pen as Apple’s creation would allow you to write on any surface. Be it paper, a white board, the wall or thin air – the stylus can apparently handle it all. It will accomplish this with 3D motion sensors, and will also make use of motion tracking and an accelerometer.

Like the S Pen, the Apple stylus or smart pen will let you use interchangeable nibs for use with the iPad and iPhone we assume. Actual “pen” nibs were also mentioned, which would allow you to doodle with graphite or jot down a quick note in actual ink. Pretty exciting stuff, especially when you consider how good Apple is with software.

It’s not often Apple news can get an old Android fan like me excited, but an Apple stylus like the one mentioned in the patent would be too cool for school. Samsung or someone else would clone it eventually, but an iPhone Plus or 12-inch iPad with a stylus would drive Apple fans wild and sell a lot of units. It may be some time before we see an official Apple stylus included on a tablet of phone, but rest assured, that day will arrive.

Would you like to see Apple adopt a smart stylus like the Note 4?

via – Apple Insider   source: USPO

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