Remember the Holidays with the Selfie Pod

Selfie Pod

The Selfie is a trend that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. We’ve seen several contraptions that make taking the perfect pic (of yourself) a bit easier, but the Selfie Pod takes the cake. It’s a selfie-stick of sorts, and it seems that it’s become very popular in the UK this holiday season.

The Selfie Pod is essentially a big pole you attach your smartphone to so you can “extend” your arms reach and take a wider selfie or group shot. The “Pods” can extend to a metre in length, and while you may look like an absolute fool, it will definitely improve your group shots. It’s also said to be secure so you won’t have to worry about your expensive handset hitting the ground.

If you think one model of the Selfie Pod would be enough to satisfy the masses, you’d be wrong. The Selfie Pods company actually has five different versions of their high-tech stick available, and the base model with no frills will only set you back £7.99. The Selfie Pod Advanced goes for £16.99 or you can go all-out with the Selfie Pod Deluxe and its built-in charger and Bluetooth camera remote. If that’s not enough, the company has a full-line of accessories and add-ons for your new Seflie Stick.

The Selfie Pods aren’t nearly as ridiculous as the Selfie Hat we covered earlier in the year, and they would actually be quite useful if you’re trying to snap a photo in a crowd, concert or at a popular tourist attraction. It’s definitely not going to be a gadget for everyone, but if you’re a fan of the selfie or know someone who is, you may have just found the perfect holiday gift.

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