The Amazon Surprise! app brings personalization to E-Cards

Gift cards. They always arise around the holiday season, and they can be a real pain or e-gold depending on how you view the plastic cash. They are also pretty damned boring. Amazon aims to change that with the new Amazon Surprise! app, and it has just arrived for Android and iOS to fill all your holiday gift card giving

The Amazon Surprise! app takes the plastic and postage out of giving an Amazon gift card this year, and let’s face it, they have a lot of swag to choose from. It’s actually an app that allows you to send a holiday themed e-card to someone while tossing in a gift card from the e-tailer for good measure. Now that you know what it’s for, let’s take a look at what it does…

The Surprise! app is simple to use and there are several different themes to choose from like Birthdays, Weddings, the Holidays and just for a simple thank you. Once you settle on a theme, you can choose a card then personalize it with a photo, video, text and the aforementioned Amazon gift card. The surprise comes in the form of an animated box, and there’s even a “timeline” of sorts you can set up for special occasions.

In terms of content, there seems to be a lot to choose from. The Amazon Surprise! app has 20 occasions listed, and each has its own set of e-cards. The Christmas section had around 13 while the ‘Thank You” section clocked in at 11 just to give you an idea. The cards vary in design, and there should be a little something for everyone. We didn’t test out the photo/video function of the Surprise! app, but it should be solid.

If you plan on sending someone an Amazon gift card, the Amazon Surprise! app is a great way to go. It’s designed to be simple to use, and it succeeds in that area as you can send an e-gift in minutes. If you’re forgetful, it could be a “must have” app to have on hand this holiday season. The Amazon Surprise! app is free to download and ready to roll on Google Play, the App Store, and from Amazon.

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