Altec Lansing’s BoomJacket Speaker offers up 40 hours of Portable Playback


Altec Lansing knows speakers, and some of their products can take a real beating like the Life Jacket. The BoomJacket speaker is their latest creation, and it is just as rugged as its predecessor while offering up double the battery life.

The Altec Lansing BoomJacket speaker is tough, but not just the regular kind of tough that lets you drop it from waist high. The portable speaker has a rubberized skin that helps absorb any bumps it might take, while also helping it obtain the IP67 waterproof rating. Rain, dust and dirt are no match for the BoomJacket, and its size (7.5” x 3.123” x 2.825”) makes it easy to tote around.

The BoomJacket speaker is small, but packs a punch and pounds out CD-quality audio from dual 2-inch neodymium drivers. Altec’s audio know-how ensures you’ll get good sound, and  they’ve somehow managed to increase the batter size as well. The BoomJacket can now produce around 40 hours of continuous playback on a single charge which is pretty damned insane considering its size.

In addition to its rugged exterior and amazing battery life, the BoomJacket speaker can double as a power-supply for other devices. The speaker itself can be charged through a wall outlet or a USB port and the connectivity comes through the wonders of Bluetooth.  Did we mention it has a mic and built-in speaker phone functionality? It does, and it’s a great feature to have considering you’ll be using it alongside a smartphone.

If you’re interested in Altec’s new rugged speaker, you’ll have to wait until Spring to pick it up. The timing is right as the BoomJacket speaker is perfect for the beach or pools, and the price is reasonable at only $199.

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