From the Far East: The BandGoo Fitness Band


Wearables are becoming more mainstream, and we’ve seen some wacky ones come out of Asia over the past year. They may be a bit different, but they still have some interesting features we’d love to see on premium smartwatches and fitness trackers. Such is the case with the BandGoo, a new fitness tracker from the Far East.

The BandGoo doesn’t have a fancy P-OLED display like the G Watch R. It’s also not a standalone device like the Gear S, so it won’t make you look like Dick Tracy or a super spy. That said, it is a fraction of the cost and it has some pretty nifty functions you won’t find on high-end wearables.

At first glance, the BandGoo looks like something you would get out a claw machine, but don’t let its appearance fool you. The wearable has a lot of features baked in including sleep monitoring, smartphone camera remote,  and an exercise monitor. It also has a couple of Android-exclusive features like heart-rate monitoring and App GPS to go along with sensors that take in Ultraviolet light and Ambient temperature.

In addition to the features listed above, the BandGoo has a “lost phone” alarm that can help you locate your device if you misplace it. Incoming calls will show up on the watch face as well, and because it is a watch of sorts, there’s a clock you can sync up with your phone. Throw in three colors of band that you can change on a whim, and you’ve just met the BandGoo smart band.


As mentioned, the BandGoo is extraordinarily cheap as it is currently priced at $31.34 – well below the price of any Android Wear equipped device. It isn’t the fanciest wearable, but it shows just how much tech manufacturers can cram into a wearable without charging an arm and a leg. We also like the fact it can quickly be removed from the band, and used without it which is something we’d like to see more of from upcoming wearables. If you’re interested in the BandGoo, you can read more about it or pick one up at the link below.


via – GizChina

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