Kickstarter Pick of the Week – Trunkster smart luggage


This week’s pick for our Kickstarter Project of the Week is a bit different from the gadgets we usually cover. It’s actually not a gadget at all, but the Trunkster will be the smartest piece of luggage you own.

We generally don’t consider luggage to be smart, but the Trunkster has some built-in features that your typical traveling totes lack. The carry-on model comes equipped with with a removable battery and USB charger that can re-charge your mobile device up to 9 times. Both the carry-on and checked models will come with built-in scales as well, so you’ll never have to guess the weight again when you’re packing.


The other technical component that makes the Trunkster unique is a GPS module. This is a $40 add-on will allow you to track your luggage from any “connected” device and the tech used is said to be comparable to Find My Mac. Needless to say, it’s an add-on you’ll want to pick up if you’re going to drop a couple of hundred bucks on a new piece of luggage.

In addition to its tech features, the Trunkster has zipperless entry through a rolltop door. As you can see from the photos, it looks cool and you won’t have to worry about broken zippers. You also won’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet as it’s waterproof and can take a beating. Last but not least, is something called a “complete control handle” that gives you added control when you’re wheeling or toting your luggage around.

trunkster kickstarter

Usually when we do a Kickstarter Pick of the Week, there’s a bit more time left on the clock, but the Trunkster Kickstarter campaign only has 3-days left at the time of this writing. That said, you won’t have to worry about this one completing its funding run as they’ve already amassed over $1.2 million dollars. Their goal was just $50,000…

If you’re interested in Trunkster smart luggage, you’ll want to act fast and most of the ‘Early Bird’ tiers are gone and there isn’t much time left. At this time, $295 will get you the carry-on Trunkster while $335 gets you the checked model.


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