Proporta SafeKeep Real Leather Wallet Review

Proporta SafeKeep Real Leather Wallet Review - Wallet featured

The Safekeep wallet from Proporta is the a departure from their usual range of accessories, but it matches their usual standard of high quality and ingenuity.

Aswell as being a luxurious leather wallet, it also contains anti-RFID technology to keep your contactless card data safe.

More and more cards are including RFID technology now. It’s used for contactless payments – and from having one card enabled for ‘pay with touch’ a year ago, now all my bank and credit cards come with it.

From the outside the Safekeep looks like a standard black leather wallet, it oozes quality and has nice stitching around the edge. Even opening it up to reveal the two banks of 3 card slots and the two note sections doesn’t give away its secrets.

The right side contains a red section to indicate the RFID shielding, and this is where you want to make sure your contactless cards go.

Proporta SafeKeep Real Leather Wallet Review - Wallet open

There are two additional pockets behind each side of card slots, and a further slot on the rear outside panel – so plenty of space in other words!

Like a large number of Proporta products, you can also personalise the wallet with their laser engraving service with your initials, a name, or even a short quote.

Proporta SafeKeep Real Leather Wallet Review - laser cut engraving

Why should you worry?

The more cards come with RFID technology the greater the risk there is as hackers target the technology to clone the card data. Initial attempts required close technology, but newer proof on concept hacks demonstrate the capability from as far away as 3 feet. Its definitely something you should be aware of.

The video below demonstrates the anti RFID technology in the wallet at work:

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