Tactus Smootch Case for iPhone 6 Review

tactus smootch iphone cases - featured

I was a good girl for Christmas (stop laughing)and was sent a phone case for my iPhone 6 by the lovely team at Tactus to review. I am not that much of a tech geek however, this phone case has provided some ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ even from me!

The Tactus Smootch (yes awesome nameis a phone skin and case to protect your phone whilst also being able to be ‘stuck’ to items like glass and mirrors (I tried other things…let’s just say I am better at catching than I originally thought).

The case is beautiful and looks a bit like a chameleon skin on the back. The case has mini micro-suction technology which means you can actually stick it to glass and mirrors, walk away and it stays there (hence the ‘Ooohs’ from everyone watching at this point). It leaves no marks or residue and really works! Simple to fit and cheap to say the least, the Smootch should be on the list for any tech savy individual.

tactus smootch iphone cases - stuck to door

The next part I loved was the colours. Yes, this may be a silly thing, but I am huge on colours and as my phone is an extension of me, I cannot be seen with something awful and cheap looking. I love the fact it comes in a huge range of colours and whilst I was given the purple, I am deeply in love with the pink, orange and bright green! (see what I did there)

The phone case is also pretty strong (after trying to stick it to things, I may have dropped my phone once or twice) so it is not just a gadget but a hard, protective gadget too! I can see this being great for selfies, a general ‘look how cool this is‘ in the pub and also for face-timing (which we do a lot in this house to Nanny!).  Available for the  iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 / 6 Plus as a protective case for between £9.99 and £14.99 you can get one from Tactus or Amazon.

Go on….have a go and see how many people are in LOVE with your funky gadget by the end of the day!

>> Visit the official Tactus website for the Smootch cases, or buy online from Amazon.

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  • Diana

    This is a super innovative iPhone case. It’s playful as well as protective, which is never a bad thing. In addition to being protective, the design and color varieties are lovely.