The Branto Smart Hub aims to make your Home smarter and more Secure

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Kickstarter produces all sorts of gadgets, and the Branto Smart Orb quickly caught our attention due to its unique look. After reading about the connected home assistant, we were sold and you may be as well if you dig cool connectable tech.

The first thing we thought of when looking at the Branto Smart Home Orb was Phantasm. The intelligent orb is reminiscent of the killer spheres from the classic flick, just not quite as intelligent… or deadly. It won’t drill holes into you, but it can connect to various things throughout your home, play some music, and keep an eye on things with its 360-degree field of view.

The Branto Smart Orb is like a high-tech webcam with a big brain. It’s design allows it to rotate so it can see anything around it, and a mic will let you listen in while you’re away. It can also take photos and handle video, which makes the orb ideal for video chat. Throw in night vision, high-speed rotation and a motion detector and you’ve got yourself a security system you can control with an app.

In addition to the features we’ve already gone over, the Branto Home Orb can crank out some tunes through a dedicated speaker or through external speakers. Want to control some smart gadgets in your home? It can do that as well and some of the devices shown include Nest, Philips bulbs and Belkin smart plugs.

The Branto has to be the smartest Orb we’ve seen, but they’ll need your help to bring the gadget to the masses. At the time of this writing, they have raised around $96,000 of their planned $500,000 goal and there are 40 days left on the clock. All the “early bird” tiers are gone, but there are still spots left at the $319 pledge level if you’re interested in picking one up.

Branto Smart Orb

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