The Bud Light Button App can bring beer to your front door

bud light app

There are a lot of food delivery apps lurking in the Play Store, and every year we see more restaurants chains embrace deliveries. In some regions, you can get damn near anything delivered to your door and you can now add Bud Light to that list. Yup, there is now a beer delivery app…

Before you get ready to throw some money at the screen, you’ll want to know the Bud Light Button app is only good for Bud Light and you have to live in the states. You also have to reside in the nation’s capital at the moment as the delivery service only works for DC. That said, you can actually have beer delivered to your door step with the press of a button. Let that sink in for a minute.

The folks at Anheuser-Busch have put this together with Klink, a service that delivers alcohol in several different areas including Miami, Ann Arbor, Orlando, and Washington D.C. They pick up your order from a vendor and deliver it to your door for a fee. As mentioned, delivery service through the Bud Light Button App is only active in Washington D.C. at this time.

While the Bud Light Button App doesn’t have someone drop a 6-pack or Tall Boy at your door, it would be a handy service to have on hand if you need a case or more of Bud Light delivered. It could make large beer runs a thing of the past, and there’s the added bonus of free gear or a “surprise” performance from a DJ if when you order with the app. The Bud Light Button App is available to download on Google Play if you live in D.C. and want to give it a go.

Bud Light Button App

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