Totally Top Tech For 2015 – What Will Be Hot This Year?

Totally Top Tech For 2015 - Featured

2014 was another great year for technology, with products like the Amazon Fire TV, iPhone 6 and 6Plus, the Nexus 6 and the Galaxy S5 all released during it.

So what does 2015 hold? Every year kicks off with CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) where many of the major companies unveil their new and upcoming products for the year, so it is usually a good guide as to what will be hot that year.

London based PR firm Hotwire has done some analysis of social media trends during the week of CES and the most popular results help us predict what will be the  most popular tech over the course of this year.

1) 4k TV – 15,912 tweets

4K television is by far and away the most popular tech product at the moment. 4k is the next standard of high definition television; referring to the number of horizontal pixels being around 4000 (the standard resolution is 4096 x 2160) making it four times higher than the previous ‘high definition’ standard – 1080P.

While 4K televisions have come down to respectable prices, as of 2014 there is very little 4K content available, but with the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon all pushing to make content available in 4K, and ‘Mastered in 4K’ branded Blu-rays from Sony we will start to see more and more compelling content to watch this year.

2) Wearables – 3,998 tweets

While popular in 2014 Wearables will really come into their own this year, as Smartwatches and fitness trackers get more sophisticated and collect more data and feed them to our phones and soon onward to our GPs. Battery life and price will improve while the weight decreases until we’re all wearing one every day without even noticing!

Recent data from GlobalWebIndex shows that 80% of all adults now own a Smartphone, but only 9% own a smartwatch and 7% own an activity tracker – so the market for growth is huge.

3) IOT – 3,816 tweets

IOT stands for Internet of Things, and it’s the term for the connectivity of smart devices, systems, and services such as fridges, thermostats, bulbs and even door locks. You will be able to interact with these objects remotely such as turning up your heating at home when you leave work, or automatically unlocking your front door as you approach it.

While these won’t be widespread in homes this year, the technology will gain momentum and products like Nest and Hive are leading the way with IOT adoption.

According to Gartner, Inc. there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020, growing considerable faster than other connected devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets which by comparison will only be estimated at 7.3 billion devices.

4) Car – 2,552 tweets

The car industry is always slow moving, it likes it’s tech to be fully tried and tested before being integrate, but both Apple (with Car Play) and Google (with Android Auto) are pushing hard to get their software installed in manufacturers cars. Most solutions provide a fairly straight forward radio which can become ‘smart’ by linking it with your mobile phone so you can use phone Apps like Google maps or Spotify directly from the larger touch friendly interface of your car.

5) Health – 1,411 tweets

Linked into ‘wearables’, which collects lots of data about you, is Health a centralised way of seeing it all. Lots of companies have their own Health application (S Health, Healthkit, Google Fit) and which one you use will be dictated by which Smartphone or fitness tracker you have. They all have the same goal though – present in aggregated form your activity and biometric information over time.

In the USA there is already the capability to share this data with your GP, and expect this to become a feature over here soon. The potential for your doctor to pre-empt an issue with your health simply based on indicators in your health data are huge.

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