Be My Eyes App allows you to assist the Blind

be my eyes

There are a lot of mobile apps that let you lend a helping hand to someone in need, but none are quite as unique as the Be My Eyes app. It’s not the most high-tech app you’ll see, but the way it works is truly ingenious.

Be My Eyes uses your smartphones camera to work its magic as it allows you to help visually impaired or blind people identify things. You’ basically letting someone “borrow” your peepers, and it can make a huge difference for folks in need of assistance.

App inventor Hans Jørgen Wiberg and the rest of the team at Be My Eyes and Robocat wanted the app to be simple and they’ve succeeded on the front as it’s only going to take a few minutes of your time while making a big impact on others.

The app is designed to connect blind users with helpers through the VoiceOver a feature on the iPhone that allows blind people to use the smartphone. Once a helper has assisted the user, the user gets a chance to “rate” the experience or report any misuse which is definitely important with an app of this nature. Needless to say, if you abuse the app you’ll get the boot, puppies will cry, and you’ll get a lifetime of bad Karma.

Be My Eyes appears to be a rousing success thus far as their official site says they have over 100,000 helpers ready to go along with 9,000 blind users. A whopping 25,000 people have already been assisted as well which has to give you a bit of a warm and fuzzy feeling. You can expect that number to get a lot bigger as soon as the Android version is available.

be my eyes

The Be My Eyes project is just the type of thing we like to see when it comes to tech, and there are several ways you can lend a hand if you’re interested in the project. iOS users can grab the Be My Eyes app from the App Store, and they are also in need of translators for well over a dozen languages… including Klingon. If you want to learn more about the Be My Eyes initiative or the minds behind it, hit up the link below.

Be My Eyes

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  • Steph

    This is such a helpful and innovative idea for an app. This app has the potential to significantly aid people in need.