Best Google Cardboard Apps for Beginners

google cardboard apps

A lot of folks are jumping on the VR bandwagon, and Google Cardboard is a cheap way to get started. There are dozens of different mobile VR headsets to choose from these days, and close to a hundred VR apps in the Play Store. That said, it’s hard to find the good ones, and it can quickly turn you off mobile VR if you test out too many bad games.

With that in mind we’ve compiled a quick list of the Best Google Cardboard Apps for Beginners. All the Google Cardboard games and apps were tested on the “classic” Google Cardboard kit and the I Am Cardboard EVA kit with a Galaxy Note 4.


Caaaaardboard! is the mobile version of the popular game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! From Debojaan Games. You basically jump off a skyscraper, and try to “kiss” and “hug” the sides while attempting to hit targets for points without going splat. Needless to say, it’s a perfect fit for Google Cardboard, and the most polished VR game you’ll find in the Play Store. I highly recommend Caaaaardboard! and you can pick it up for $1.99 on Google Play.



VRSE Evolution of the Verse

If you want to really “wow” someone with a mobile VR experience, Evolution of the Verse is the way to go. It’s a short video or ride of sorts, and out of the 15 or so people I’ve tried this one on, everyone has been blown away. No spoilers, but a rolling chair and headphones a must for Evolution of the Verse. The video is free to download through the VRSE app on Google Play.

evolution of the verse

Google Cardboard

If you pick up a Google Cardboard kit or any mobile VR setup, you’ll want to get the official Google Cardboard app. It the one VR app that’s almost guaranteed to work properly without any tinkering, and it comes with several cool demos like Photo Sphere, Google Earth, and YouTube. Functionality is a bit limited in some areas, but it will link you to other Cardboard apps and should be one of the first VR apps you download.


Kaiju Fury

This one is pretty easy to describe. Giant monsters wreak havoc in a city and you get to experience it firsthand in Kaiju Fury. It’s another short ride of sorts, but it really gives you a good idea of what VR can do in terms of interactive movies – something we’ll see a lot of in the future. Kaiju Fury is free to download, and if you prefer something a bit more sinister, you can check out Jaunt’s Black Mass Experience.

kaiju fury VR

VR Cosmic Roller Coaster

Like Caaaaardboard!, you’ll want to have a strong stomach before jumping into the depths of space with Raiz’s VR Cosmic Roller Coaster. There are several VR rollercoaster apps out there, but this one is set in space and it is amazing. It’s the only VR coaster app you’ll need, and it’s free to download in the Play Store.


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