HTC unveils the HTC UEFA Champions League Edition M8


MWC 2015 is right around the corner, and we’ve seen hundreds of leaks leading up to the big expo. There’s been a lot of time spent talking about the HTC One M9, but the company has just rolled out a collector’s edition of last year’s flagship with the HTC One M8 EUFA Champions League smartphone.

The HTC One M8 EUFA Champions League smartphone is the second special UEFA handset released by HTC, and it is no ordinary smartphone. At first glance, it does look just like the regular HTC One M8, but when you flip it around, you’ll immediately figure out what’s special.

On the backside of the UEFA Champions League M8 you’ll find engraving, and it’s not your name. The device has the Champions League logo along with every name of the past winners of the trophy since 1992. It was announced at an event with Peter Schmeichel and Emma Byrne in conjunction with Carphone Warehouse, and it will not be easy to get.

You won’t be able to walk into a cellular shop and pick up the HTC UEFA Champions League phone, and it won’t be available online either. The company is only offering them up through competitions held via their social medial channels, so it’s safe to say this is a limited release. If you’re interested in picking up the HTC One M8 EUFA Champions League smartphone, you’ll want to stay tuned to all of HTC’s social feeds.


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