Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Glow Smart Headphones

glow smart headphones

We’ve covered plenty of audio gadgets here at Techoven, but not many of them glow. The Glow Smart Headphones are our choice for the Kickstarter Pick of the Week, and they have some very interesting features aside from their neon glow.

At first glance, the Glow Smart Headphones look like someone has put a set of earbuds on the end of some long glow bands, but looks can be deceiving. As its name implies, the Glow headphones are “smart” and can pull tricks that would make other headsets envious.

The Glow Smart Headphones get their light from a laser, and they will pulse to the beat of whatever tune you are listening to. If fitness is your thing, you can use the Glow Headphones built-in heart rate monitor and synchronize your heartbeat to the headphones. It also has a 5-way controller that lets you change your tunes, take phone calls, act as a camera remote or voice assistant, and deal with texts.


As you can clearly see, the Glow Smart Headphones are a whole lot smarter than most earbuds out there, but those brains come at a cost. All the “early bird” tiers are long gone, so you’ll have to shell out $149 to pick up a set of Glow Headphones in Red, Green or Blue. If you want to pick up more than one pair, you can save a few bucks as well.

There are currently 37 days left in the Glow Smart Headphones Kickstarter campaign, and they’ve already doubled their original funding goal so this one’s on track. At the moment, they only work with Android, but iOS is a stretch goal at $500k. The first batch of glowing earbuds are set to roll out in July, and you can pick up a set at the link below.

Glow Smart Headphones

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