Kickstarter Pick of the Week: NEEO Thinking Remote

NEEO Thinking Remote

If you follow this site, you probably love gadgets, and have a remote or three laying around the house. Universal remotes have been out for ages, and they range from chintzy pieces of plastic to expensive all-in-ones. The NEEO remote is far from chintzy, and it has a brain a lot bigger than your typical smart remote.

The NEEO remote is a souped up universal remote that can control all your favorite devices. When we say “all” we mean it as the NEEO can control things like your TV and sound system while also managing smart bulbs and other connectable gadgets. Some of the products listed include Apple TV, Cable Boxes, Dish and Direct TV, Sonos, Roku, Philips and Philips Hue. It also has four antennas that can deal with Bluetooth, WiFI, ZigBee, Z-Wave and more.

NEOO remote

Whereas a lot of smart remotes consist of one component, the NEEO thinking remote is a two-part system that uses a puck-shaped “brain” and a remote which looks a bit like a smartphone. The puck sends all the incoming and outgoing signals where they need to go and will leave a small footprint wherever it resides. It can work in conjunction with your smartphone and an app or with the NEEO remote. The actual remote is optional and made from aluminum with a touchscreen display covered in Gorilla Glass.

Our Kickstarter Pick of the Week has just a little time left on the clock, as there are around 2 days left in the campaign at the time of the writing. The cheapest NEEO remote combo kit (brain + remote) is listed at $229 and the first batch is set to ship out in May of this year. You can hit up the link below if you want to learn more about NEEO or show your support.

NEEO Thinking Remote

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