Mattel teams up with Google for View-Master VR

View Master VR

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Virtual Reality this year, and for good reason – it’s here to stay. Everyone is starting to adapt to the new media platform, and an old-school toymaker is teaming up with Google to bring VR to a new audience. The View-Master VR is coming to a toy store near you, and you can bet it will be a hot seller when it arrives.

Google and Mattel aren’t two names you would generally associate with each other, but the two are going to drop a new tech toy we believe will be quite popular. It’s a new version of the classic View-Master, and it’s based off the Google Cardboard design so that it can work with a wide variety of smartphones. It’s also going to be much cheaper than Gear VR at $29.99.

The View-Master VR will work like Cardboard as you’ll be allowed to download VR apps from the Play Store. That means our list of Google Cardboard Apps for beginners will work along with a slew of other VR apps. In addition to the usual apps, the View-Master VR will also take “reels” just like the classic toy did. Yup, you can use it with your smartphone or with next-gen plastic reels that give you 360-degree photos with some augmented features.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the View-Master VR kit, but it looks to be a great way to get kids involved with the new (old) tech. Adults that owned the original will want to pick this one up as well, and there are more than enough apps to make it fun for people of any age. There will be even more by the time the new View-Master actually arrives, so you’re going to get a better experience than you would now.

As for the View-Master VR release date, its said to arrive at retails sometime this fall although an exact release date has not been set. When it lands, it will set you back $29.99 with one “reel” and additional reels will be sold for $14.99 in four packs.

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