Swatch gearing up to get into the Smartwatch Game

swatch smartwatch

There were rumbling of a Swatch smartwatch late last year, and today we’ve gotten confirmation on the matter. Swatch is getting into the smartwatch game, and you can expect their first wearable to arrive within the next three months.

Swatch’s first smartwatch won’t be a gadget like the LG G Watch R or the Apple Watch. Watch Group CEO Nick Hayek has said the watch will work with Android and Windows software, and that it will use NFC. This is good news as it “should” allow anyone with an Android or Windows smartphone to synch up and use the Swatch Smartwatch.

In regards to features, the details are light, but Hayek said the Swatch Smartwatch will allow you to make mobile payments, and it won’t have to be charged. We’re assuming they are going to go with an Eco-Drive type of setup to keep the battery charged, but they could have something else in mind considering they’ve been in the watch business for decades.

We saw the first round of wearables roll out last year, and while they certainly made an impression, they have yet to make a big impact. 2015 could be the year that changes as there will be no shortage of options available this year from Apple, Sony, LG, Asus, Samsung and Swatch among others.

Which smartwatch are you most excited to see arrive this year?

Source: Bloomberg

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