Turn your sink into a Next-Gen Washer with the Dolfi

dolfi washer

Doing your laundry has come a long way since the days of the wash basin and clothes line. We’ve seen a number of high-tech washer released over the past few years, but the Dolfi does things differently by turning your sink into a washer.

The Dolfi looks like a bar of soap, and works in a similar fashion as it helps clean. Unlike its soapy counterpart, the Dolfi uses technology to do the cleansing and it comes in the form of ultrasonic waves. It’s also designed to be small, portable, and to keep your delicates from getting mangled in the washing machine.

To use the Dolfi Ultrasonic Washing Machine you simply need to find a waterproof container big enough to hold your garment and some water. A sink is an obvious choice, but other receptacles should work as well. After that, you simply need to add detergent, turn on the Dofli and drop it in. The gadget is said to take around 30-40 minutes to clean your clothes, and those ultrasonic waves will much more gentle than running your duds through the washer.


Like a lot of cool gadgets, the Dofli Ultrasonic Washer isn’t quite ready to roll yet, but it is on Indiegogo seeking funding. The minds behind the project have already surpassed their funding goal, and the Dolfi will set you back $109 if you’re interesting in picking one up. There are two weeks left in the campaign at this time, and the first Dolfi’s are scheduled to ship out in August.

Dofli Ultrasonic Washer

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