Apple officially enters the wearables market with the Apple Watch

apple watch

Apple finally gave in this year and decided to get on the wearable bandwagon with the Apple Watch. We knew the mythical gadget was set to be shown off today, and Apple didn’t disappoint. The Apple Watch now exists in three different flavors and each is a bit more expensive than the last…

The Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport are two names you’ll get to know well if you’re a fan of Apple or wearables. The third watch, known as the Apple Watch Edition, is watch you’ll probably never get your hands on unless you have deep pockets. All three watches perform the same, and the Apple Watch release date is right around the corner with pre-orders beginning on April 10th.

At its heart, the Apple Watch is just like most of the Android Wear smartwatches we’ve seen. It tells time, has customizable watch faces, and an array of sensors to keep tabs on your fitness and track your heart rate. Where it’s different (aside from the looks) is how it will function as the Apple Watch has a digital crown, and plenty of interesting features.

The Apple Watch will obviously sync up with your i-devices, and it will even serve as a remote for your Apple TV. Apple Pay will allow you to purchase goods with your wrist while voice controls give you some Dick Tracy-like capabilities. It can do a lot more than we’ve briefly covered, and you can bet the farm more features will come as developers start to get a hold of the device.

Now for the price. The Apple Watch Sport is the cheapest of the bunch with an aluminum casing and a price tag of $349 for the 38mm model while the 42mm model comes in at $399. The Apple Watch is the next step up, and it has a stainless steel casing. The 38mm will set you back $549, and the 42mm edition is $50 more at $599. That said, the bands can raise that cost to around $1,100 depending on your style. As for the luxurious Apple Watch Edition and it’s 18k gold chassis –it will set you back a cool $10,000.

Apple hasn’t mentioned anything about the supply yet, but the Apple Watch and Sport model will be available to purchase on April 24 while the “Edition” variant can only be purchased in select stores. Depending on your region, the smartwatch will also be available for preview or “try-on” by appointment starting on the 10th when pre-orders begin.


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