Apple TV upgrade rumored to arrive in June


Apple frequently updates their gadgets, and many of their products get yearly updates like the iPhone and iPad. That hasn’t been the case with the Apple TV, and as popular as it was, the set-top box has been somewhat forgotten. If a new report is true, that’s going to change in June with a massive Apple TV update.

There’s been a ton of buzz surrounding the Apple Watch release, and the Apple TV received a price cut when the wearable was announced. That, coupled with the HBO NOW service was big news for fans of the streaming box, but new information points towards much bigger plans for Apple TV. Siri is coming along for the ride, and the company is rumored to finally bring the App Store into play as well.

A voice-controlled Apple TV would put the device on par with Amazon’s streamer and the recently released Android TV boxes. The HBO NOW implementation may give the company a bit of an edge in content, but the real stunner will be App Store integration. The new & improved Apple TV is rumored to sport the A8 chip as well, which would allow for 4K video and high-quality games. It all adds up to a device that a lot of folks are going to want sitting in their living rooms.

Adding the App Store may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you consider how many people crush candies on their mobiles – it’s a pretty big deal. People that normally wouldn’t play a “console” would pick up a Bluetooth controller to play their favorite mobile game, and that could potentially lead to a lot of new revenue for Apple.

At this time, many expect Apple to unveil the upgraded Apple TV at WWDC in June. As with any new gadget, we expect to see a few leaks trickle out before Apple’s new set-top box arrives if these rumors are true.

Would you pick up a new Apple TV if it supports gaming?

via – Apple Insider

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