Bizzby Launches Drones On Demand

drones on demand launch in london

BIZZBY, the World’s First On-Demand Services App, announced today it’s finally been given permission to launch its Drone-On-Demand service commencing 1st April 2015.

Based in London’s TechCity, BIZZBY received permission from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and the House of Lords passed the Drone Bill following 6 months of lobbying for the UK to become one of the first countries in the world to allow Drones to fly.

Together with the Highways Agency, BIZZBY has completed construction of Drone Corridors across London allowing the drones to fly safely above roads. The Drones will fly 100 feet above London’s streets supported by BIZZBY’s patented collision avoidance, geo-fencing and laser guidance systems.

drones on demand launch in london - boris johnson

Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, BIZZBY’s founder and CEO said:

Our Drone Highways are designed to ensure safety in accordance with regulatory standards and our patented signaling technology allows drones to fly unmanned using state of the art sensors.

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London launched the service on Westminster Bridge stating:

London is the best city in the World and today we’re proving we’re also the most innovative and our technology rivals that of Silicon Valley. I’m proud to say we’ve launched the World’s First Drone Service. I now intend to order my cannabis by drone.

Drones can be requested via the BIZZBY smartphone app to arrive at a pickup location within minutes. An automated secure storage box is released to accept delivery items of up to 500 grams. At the tap of a button the drone departs to the delivery address, while an on-board camera delivers real-time footage of its journey to the recipient directly within the App. On arrival, the item is released from the secure compartment.

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