Cardboard App of the Week: Titans of Space

titansof space

It’s been a while since we’ve pulled an “App of the Week” article out of our trick bag, but today we’re resurrecting the column with a twist. The app is only going to be useful if you have a Google Cardboard or similar VR kit, but if you do… prepare to be amazed by Titans of Space.

Titans of Space is a VR experience by the folks at DrashVR, and as the name implies, it involves space. It’s not a sci-fi shooter, and we haven’t spotted any aliens (yet), but it’s a great way to learn a more about the Titans above our heads while experiencing great VR.

When you first strap on your headset, Titans of Space drops you into a cockpit where you’ll sit and enjoy your guided tour of planets. Unlike some VR experiences, you can actually look down and see your legs, arms, and a bit of the cockpit. It’s a small thing, but those small things are major when it comes to a solid VR experience.


Once you’re done taking in your surroundings, you simply need to fire up your pod and away you go. The best way to describe Titans of Space is as a “railed” experience similar to what you’d get from a roller coaster VR app, but sans the nausea. You’re not going to fly through space at breakneck speeds, and it’s a good thing. The music also adds to the atmosphere, and there are a variety of options available through your virtual console as well.

Even with VR exploding right before our eyes, it’s still difficult to find great Google Cardboard apps in the Play Store. There are a handful, but new releases are few and far between at the moment. Titans of Space is by far one of the better experiences you’ll have with Google Cardboard, and it’s one of the first things you should show to if you want to impress them with the tech.

Titans of Space is free to download on Google Play, and Drash has already pushed out an update with a few tweaks and an add-on in the form of voice narration. We haven’t checked it out yet, but a male voice is available for $2.99 with a female voice in the works. If you’re ready to lose yourself in the depths of space, hit up the link below.

Titans of Space

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