Gadget Protection: One In Eight Tablets Are Likely To Break Within Two Years

tactus revotuff ipad case

A recent report from Which? stated that one in eight tablets are likely to break within two years, so protecting your tablet with a good case should be a purchase you make almost immediately.

Case provider Tactus has come up with 5 tips for helping increase the longevity of your expensive purchase…

  1. Temper temper – Tempered glass screen protectors are three times stronger than standard PET films, which only protects against minor scratches and marks, so look at trading up for added screen longevity
  2. Tablets don’t tan – It is a fact that tablets, especially iPads, were not designed to function in temperatures over  38°C, so keep them in the shade while holidaying in warmer climates
  3. Pavements are hard – A quality tablet case will go a long way in saving your device when it takes a tumble. Cheap and flimsy just won’t cut it when it comes to preventing cracks and scrapes so break away from false economy and invest
  4. Can you hear me? – Four words that are the bane of most video calls, however the good news is that a lot of speaker malfunctions can be easily fixed with a can of decompressed air and a microfiber cloth. Phew.
  5. Water is not a death sentence – We’ve all been there, done that and used a combination of hairdryers and prayer to try and restore our soggy technology. The most important thing, however, is not to panic. Turn off your tablet, wipe excess moisture with microfiber cloth, remove any SIM cards and then place it into a bag of uncooked rice for 48 hours. When the time is up, try and turn on. If your now amphibian tablet happens to be an iPad, restore it via iTunes to increase your chances of a full resurrection

Tactus makes a wide range of good cases, but our pick for one with the best protection is their RevoTuff model.
The RevoTuff is the ultimate in iPad Air protection. Tested to exceed US Department of Defense durability tests; the hard exterior exoskeleton guards devices from drops, bumps and scratches while reinforced corners shield vulnerable and breakable areas.

With a unique 360°rotating arm that allows for six different viewing and typing angles, the RevoTuff allows users the luxury of spinning the iPad Air to either a landscape or portrait position.

>> Check out the Tactus RevoTuff cases from £29.99 (iPad Mini) to £34.99 (iPad Air)

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