Get your money ready, the XM42 personal flamethrower is coming to Indiegogo

personal flamethrower

Occasionally, we come across something so cool it requires a quick check of the bank account. This time around, that item is the XM42 personal flamethrower, and it’s coming to take your money via Indiegogo next week.

The XM42 flamethrower is billed as the worlds “first commercially available handheld flamethrower” and it is somehow totally legal to buy if you live in the United States. Unless you live in California, and if that’s the case you won’t be surprised as there are a lot of things of this nature you can’t pick up in Cali including Nunchucks.

If you’re concerned about toting around a pack full of pressurized fluid on your back, don’t be. The  XM42 personal flamethrower is “handheld” and the it’s go-juice comes in the form of gasoline. Yup, you can fill it up just like you would your car although it wouldn’t be wise to actually pull it out and fill it at the station. As for the device itself, it’s capable of shooting out a flame up to 25ft which is a whole lot further than your typical weed-killing flamethrower.

XM42 personal flamethrower

The XM42 flamethrower is set to make it’s Indiegogo debut next week, and it’s going to set you back $699 if you want the brushed metal version. If you prefer something with a little more pop, there’s a polished version or one with colored powdercoating. Either of those options will set you back $799 which is a drop in the bucket when you’re buying something this insane. There’s been no word of any other options or perks yet, but we’ll keep you in the loop once the XM42 launches.

via – Digitaltrends

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