New LG G4 render may show the LG’s next flagship


One of the few flagships that didn’t make the trip to Barcelona this year for MWC was the LG G4. The company let folks know they wouldn’t show off their flagship at the big show, but in a separate event later in the year. Well, a new render has just hit the net and it “may” have given us a look at the LG G4 design.

The LG G4 leak comes from a Twitter account by @OnLeaks. You may not know the name, but the account was created by the minds behind, a site that has successfully leaked numerous handsets in the past. That tends to add a bit of fuel to this particular fire, as does the fact that it’s not too farfetched to be an LG device. In other words, it’s about what we would expect.

As you can see from the LG G4 Render, the device looks the same as last year’s model with a few cosmetic changes. The funky rear back button is still present, but changed a bit from the previous model. The rear sensor  looks to be bigger as well, and rear grill is revamped but that’s about it. If correct, it’s more of the same from LG, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as we know it will receive an overhaul under the hood.

If you think LG is pulling a quick one on us this year with the design, think again as the company is rumored to launch a device that will differentiate itself from the competition later this year. Nothing is known at this time, but it won’t be the LG G4 and it should be may be something unique. Then again, Samsung may end up with the spotlight all to itself this year when it comes to design. Expect to hear a lot more about the LG G4 over the next few weeks.

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