Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition now available to purchase at Best Buy

gear VR best buy

The idea of Virtual Reality has picked up steam in the minds of consumers, even though most folks can’t stroll into a local retailer and pick up a VR headset. Well, that changed yesterday if you happen to live in the US, and have a Best Buy in your area. Samsung and Best Buy have teamed up to push VR, and they now have the Samsung Gear VR in stock and ready to roll at select stores.

The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition is currently the best mobile VR setup you can buy, but it’s (almost) worthless if you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to use with it. While the price hasn’t come down, and we still haven’t heard anything about a consumer version, the Innovator Edition of the Gear VR has left its ‘demo’ phase at Best Buy and can now be purchased by anyone if the store has them in stock.

At this time, there are said to be around 100 stores that will have the Gear VR, but that should change over the next month. The Galaxy S6’s are set to debut on April 10th, and one would assume the 2nd generation of the Gear VR will arrive sometime after along with a wider rollout of the Innovators edition headset. As for the content, it’s still limited, but there are some killer apps available through Samsung Milk VR and the Play Store. The gadget is also active on XDA, so there’s plenty of info to take in if you’re still on the fence.

Best Buy carrying the Gear VR in-store isn’t a surprise or huge news, but it’s a move that should help push some headsets while planting the seed of VR in a slew of new minds. When folks come in to shop and see someone using the Gear, or use it themselves, they’re going to talk about it… then more people with check it out. Rinse and repeat, and you have a whole new audience for the tech.

If you don’t own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or just don’t want to drop $200 on a dev’s edition of a VR headset, you can always opt for Cardboard or one of the alternative’s like the EVA VR kit. That said, if you want the best mobile VR experience you can get at the moment, you’ll want to check with our local Best Buy to see if they have the Gear VR in stock or ready to demo.

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