Samsung rumored to be considering Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers phones

Unless you’ve been residing under a rock, you are probably aware that Marvel makes movies now. They are also no stranger to product placement in those films, and we already know there will be shown slick gadgets shown in the Avengers 2. If fans get their way, and Samsung wants to make some additional cash, there may be an interesting tie-in as well. A series of renders have surfaced showing an Avengers Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge… we’ll take a pause while you prepare to throw money at your display.

The Avengers Edition smartphone renders come out of Korea from Jang Yunseong through the site Seeko. Keep in mind, what you’re seeing is purely a concept at this phase, although Yunseong has said that Samsung Korea is “considering” producing these. In our opinion, that would be a very wise move from Samsung as long as they make it a limited edition and launch it globally. Nobody wants to see their favorite Avenger be locked to a specific region – they are global after all.

In regards to the design, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Avengers editions feature the main characters from the Avengers, and each phone matches the hero’s color scheme. A wallpaper of the character would obviously be a wise choice for each handset, but you’ll notice RDJ is missing which may have something to do with HTC. A smartcover of sorts is also shown for the Iron Man phone which further adds to the cool factor.

As mentioned, these smartphones are all just a concept for now, and there has been no word on any sort of official release. Considering Samsung loves money, and they have plenty to throw around, it wouldn’t surprise us in the least to actually see these get made. The Avengers 2 will be huge, and Samsung already has product placement in the film. Needless to say, if anything else develops with the Avengers Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, we’ll be around to give you the scoop.

via – SamMobile

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