Standford’s Iris on the Move tech coming to Samsung devices

SRI Samsung

Fingerprint scanners on smartphones are slowly becoming the norm as companies like Samsung added them last year, and HTC is set to do the same with the One M9 Plus. Eye scanning tech… not so common. One of the first smartphones to feature said tech is the ViewSonic V55, but Sammy may is next up to the plate as the company will soon introduce ‘Iris on the Move’ technology into one of their slates.

SRI is the Stanford Research Institute, and they were the mind behind the new Iris on the Move tech dubbed IOM. Today, they issued a press release to let folks know they had entered into a supply agreement with Samsung, which will allow for their IOM scanners to be used in upcoming Samsung products.

The first device slate to roll out with IOM will be the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. The module won’t be an add-on either, but built-in so we’re sure it will be geared to work with Samsung KNOX and other features. The new slate will be shown off at the SIA Product Showcase during ISC West where it will be offered up for sale through SRI’s resellers and partners.

Obviously, the average Joe isn’t going to have a use for IOM, but it could prove popular for folks that work in secure industries. Anything can be ‘duped’, but a retina scan is much more difficult to duplicate than a fingerprint that can leave residue on a display or lens. It may be a while before we see SRI’s new tech spread to consumer products, but knowing Sammy and how they crank things out, we’ll probably see it in a new tablet line or the Note sooner than later.

via – Phonearena   source: SRI

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