The Post Modern Skateboard has arrived to test your skills

post modern skateboard

Before there were skateboards, there were Crate scooters, and kids have been rolling around on anything with wheels as long as we have had wheels. The skateboard has undergone some changes over the years, but has largely remained the same for most of us. That hasn’t stopped people from trying to reinvent it, and the Post Modern Skateboard has to be one of the craziest attempts we’ve seen yet.

Normally, our coverage stay in the realm of tech and gadgetry, but the Post Modern Skateboard is a invention so cool we just had to show it some love. As you can see from the photos, it’s basically a set of wheels with platforms at the bottom, and it looks like you would immediately break your neck if you try to move. Well, that isn’t the case as the video shows folks pulling off a few moves and amazingly going over grass. That’s something you can’t do on an old-school skateboard.

The Post Modern Skateboard consists of two 10-inch round wheels that can support up to 200 lbs., and it appears as if you propel yourself by moving your feet in a way similar to roller blading or skating. Once you get rolling, we’re going to assume it’s fairly easy to maneuver due to the “boardless” design. That said, the Post Modern Skateboard does come with a bar to connect the wheels until you get the hang of things so you shouldn’t have to head to the ER after you unbox it.

Wondering where you can get this crazy wheeled contraption and how much it’ll cost? Wonder no more, as the wacky and wonderful shop known as Hammacher Schlemmer has the circular skates listed for $99 a pair. If the Post Modern Skateboard seems a bit too tame for your tastes and you’ve got deep pockets you can always opt for a set of electric roller skates that will send you along at 12mph.

Post Modern Skateboard

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