The Sony BSP60 Smart Speaker is the cutest Bluetooth Speaker around

Sony BS60

We love cool tech, and when we first saw the Sony BSP60, we weren’t exactly sure what it was. When we found out what it could do, we were throwing money at the screen, and you may do the same thing once you hear about the Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speakers.

There are hundreds of bulbous speakers on the market, and the Sony BSP60 Smart Speakers certainly fit that bill. The little orbs are smarter than your typical speaker though, as they are equipped with NFC and can pair with your favorite Android device to keep you informed of any incoming calls. Speaking of calls, it can also handle conference calls, and would look right at home on a board room table or your nightstand. It also functions as a voice assistant of sorts, just in case you’ve ever wanted a little robot assistant.

One of the cooler features of the Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker actually has nothing to do with its technical prowess. See those little “ear” looking doodads on the device? Those are the speakers, which pop out when you’re ready for some tunes. They also light up, and there are wheels on the bottom of the speaker to boot.

In a nutshell, the Sony BSP60 Smart Speaker is a cross between one of the company’s previous products known as the Sony Rolly, and the Amazon Echo. That said, it’s much cooler looking than either of those gadgets in our opinion, but that slick design is going to come with a high price tag. No release date has been set for the speaker, but it’s expected to cost €299 when it arrives.


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