The TOB Cable aims to eliminate all your gadget cords

TOB Cable

It’s safe to say that nobody enjoys a mess full of cables. As we see new tech emerge, occasionally a new cable will come along with it, and you before you know it you’ll have a drawer full of tangled cords. If you’re looking for one cable to rule them all, we may have just found it with the TOB Cable.

The TOB Cable is a new contraption from the folks at Janulus, and it’s built to allow you to hook up to almost any gadget you own. It is a two-part setup as you have the actual cable, and seven adapters that should cover anything you throw at it. If you need a video hookup, there’s an HDMI and micro HDMI connection, and the 3.5mm audio adapter takes care of your sounds.

On the mobile side of things, there’s a USB Mini, USB Micro and Lightning adapter so folks with Android or iOS devices should be covered. Last but not least, is the all-important regular USB port which takes care of most everything else. In addition to the adapters we’ve listed, the company has “possible” future plans for several other adapaters for the TOB including USB C-Type, HDMI mini, Car & Wall chargers, and a laptop charger.


As for the cable itself, it’s designed to deliver high-speed data transfers of up to 10 Gbps with a USB 3.1 port. It’s also made to be tough, so unlike other flimsy USB or charging cables, the wires inside won’t go bad from constant kinking. Throw in increased charging times for your gadgets and a “releasable” connector design, and you’ve just met the one cable that could rule them all.

The TOB Cable is currently up for grabs on Kickstarter, and $65 will land you a 5ft TOB Cable with all the adapters. If you need something a bit longer, they have a 10ft cable for $85 and multi-cable packages are available as well. This one has already met its funding goal, so it’s on track to roll out soon and should arrive on doorsteps in July barring any setbacks.

TOB Cable

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