Three Is Launching The First Selfie Tour Bus

Three Is Launching The First Selfie Tour Bus - Featured

Three is launching the first Selfie Tour Bus tomorrow, aboard a London Routemaster bus. Starting in Barcelona, visiting the best selfie backdrops the city has to offer including the Magic Fountains and Sagrada Familia.

The 50-seater London route master bus, has been created by mobile network Three, to coincide with the addition of Spain (and New Zealand) to its 16 Feel At Home destinations from today, 1st April, which allows holiday goers to use their phones abroad at no extra cost.

The high-tech bus will be equipped with everything passengers need to create the perfect photographs, including an exclusive preview of Samsung’s hotly anticipated new device, the Samsung S6, with its amazing camera capabilities creating professional looking images at ease, selfie sticks and much more.

Tom Malleschitz, marketing director, Three said:

Now that Three customers can use their phones in Spain at no extra cost, we expect British holiday makers in Spain to go selfie mad this summer, and what better way to kick it all of and allow them to enjoy all that free roaming has to offer than with our Selfie Tour Bus in Barcelona. We expect a whole lot of holiday spam to hit the internet over the next couple of days – sorry in advance.

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