You can now buy Google Gadgets straight from the Google Store

google store

If you want to pick up a Nexus device, the first option has always been the Device section of the Play Store. That section went the way of the dinosaur today, but have no fear as Google has just launched the new and improved Google Store.

The Google Store is the new place to grab your favorite Android gadgets and it acts as front to show off products made with Google. This means the new Nexus devices, Android Wear, and Nest will all be present along with any other goodies plans on rolling out in the future. Needless to say, there’s a bit more to the Google Store than the old device section.

At this time, the Google Store has sections set up for Phones, Tablets, Chromebooks, Android Wear, TV & Video, Nest, and Accessories. Oddly enough, the Google Store is pretty sparse when it comes to tablets and smartphones as only the new Nexus devices are currently listed. All the Android Wear smartwatches seem to have made the trip though, so we hope some of the older handsets may show up as well.

While news of a dedicated Google Store isn’t as exciting as a new device release, folks should be pleased with the new setup. It’s nice to have a dedicated shop with all the Google devices, and we expect at least a half-dozen more to show up before 2016 rolls around.

Google Store

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