App of the Week: FanDuel Live Scoring App

Baseball season is officially in full swing, and along with it will come scores of Baseball apps and games. If you play daily fantasy sports and own an Android device, there are two sites you’re probably very familiar with – DraftKings and FanDuel. The former has had an official app since Football Season, but the latter just recently released its first Android app with the official FanDuel Live Scoring app.fanduel-app

As the name implies, the FanDuel Live Scoring app allows you to keep tabs on your lineups while you are away from the PC. If you play Fantasy, you already know how it can keep you tied to the PC as every hit, dunk or puck amounts to points. Thankfully, the FanDuel scoring app remedies that situation and you can now leave the laptop behind and track your progress from your mobile.

The FanDuel app has three main tabs with Upcoming, Live and Recent. All are self-explanatory, and when you see an entry, you can click on it to peruse your team. You can also check out the data and entries for individual contests along with accessing your transaction history and scoring rules. Unfortunately, that’s all you can do at this time as you can’t edit lineups or check out any player data.

While not being able to edit your lineups is a real letdown, there’s a reason for that. The Play Store restricts apps that offer ‘real money’ prizes for contests which means FanDuel can’t offer up a full-fledged app through the Play Store at this time. It’s the same for DraftKings, but they got around that by simply offering a full app through their official website.

FanDuel’s scoring app is a little basic when compared to the competition, but it’s polished and off to a good start. We hope the “Live” app is just a placeholder for the moment though, and that the company will offer an app that allows you to edit lineups in the near future. If you want to give the FanDuel Live Scoring app a whirl, you can pick it up for free at the link below.

FanDuel Live Scoring app

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