Google Algorithm Updates History – An Interactive Timeline

google algorithm changes interactive timeline

Tomorrow is the day that Google makes its SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) algorithm update, aimed at providing greater emphasis on sites that are mobile friendly.

I wrote about this in more detail last week, with details on how to check if your website is mobile friendly, and some steps to fix common failings.

The news has certainly been picked up in the tech press, and in turn the main stream news, but Google have a long history of making these tweaks to their secret ranking algorithm, and many have had wide ranging consequences on the visibility and corresponding sales of companies.

Gregor Rechberger, product manager at Borland, Micro Focus, commented:

The move by Google to give priority to mobile websites when users are searching on their mobiles, places further emphasis on the importance of creating optimum-performing mobile-friendly websites to not lose out on vital mobile web traffic and business. However, mobile-friendliness alone will not be enough from a search engine optimisation (SEO) point of view. Google is also currently experimenting with a “slow” tag on its search pages. This red slow label first appeared on a few Android devices a couple of weeks ago, warning users that a site is slow before they click on a search result.

An online marketing agency, DPFOC, have created an interactive timeline to mark this event. It charts the history of the various algorithm updates and related news over the years and is extremely interesting for a perspective of how often and with what effect Google makes these changes.

Check out the whole Google Algorithm Updates Interactive Timeline here.

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