Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset Review

Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset Review - Featured

Bluetooth headsets seem like old news – they first started appearing around 2002, but the steady march of technology means that these are products that continuously reinvent themselves as they incorporate the latest advances in handsfree tech.

2015 saw the release of the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth headset, which aims at being just such a reinvention of handsfree technology by integrating the most recent turns in smartphone development. Was it successful?

The Jabra Stealth certainly looks like an artifact of the present: aesthetically, it nicely blends simple colors with a balance of curves and edges, giving it the appearance of a monkey wrench when viewed from a distance. While most Bluetooth headsets opt for neutral colors to prevent clashing with outfits, Jabra has given the Stealth a simple red earpiece that adds a little vibrancy to the piece. The size and weight of the piece are also negligible, to the extent that I sometimes forgot I was wearing it.

More important than looks, though, is functionality. The Jabra Stealth performs admirably as headset. They’ve integrated a sophistic microphone to give your voice HD quality, which means there will be no trouble making out voices on either end of the call.

The speaker on the earpiece is also quite powerful. I usually have to crank up the volume in order to hear someone on a Bluetooth call, but with the Stealth I keep it at about 50% and can hear fine. It should be noted that there is no volume control on the headset itself, rather, it responds to the volume control on your phone. This makes the device less complicated, but it also means that you need to actually have your phone nearby to control the volume.

One reason that I can hear so well with the Jabra Stealth is that it has incorporated noise-cancelling technology (they call it Noise Blackout) into the earpiece. This works quite well, and without taking a bite out of the battery power. You get about 6 hours of talk time per charge, and the battery life is extended because the device shuts off automatically when it isn’t being used (and it turns on automatically when you get a call). Charge time is quite low, too, usually a little more than an hour.

Like many tech devices today, the Jabra has ‘remote find’ functionality, which can be used to locate the device if it goes missing. This is useful, as the headset is quite small and surprisingly easy to lose track of if you take it off.

Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset Review - Voice Control ButtonThe one button on the Jabra Stealth headset is reserved for its most novel function: it activates (depending on your phone) either Siri or Google Now. This allows you to go truly hands free.

You can, obviously, use it to make phone calls or send text messages (if you trust Siri to decode what you’re saying correctly), but you can also ask for directions or begin playing music, and this will all be pumped directly into your earpiece.

The purpose of handsfree Bluetooth headsets was at least in part always to make driving while using your phone a little safer, and the Jabra Stealth has finally caught up with the way we use our phones today.

The most important criteria for a Bluetooth headset should be sound quality. With Noise Blackout and HD voice, the Jabra Stealth easily passes this test. The Siri and GPS functionality are just the icing on the cake. All told, the Jabra Stealth is a highly recommended headset.

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