Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Pancakebot Printer

pancakebot printer

Sometimes it’s difficult to narrow down a gadget for our Kickstarter Pick of the Week, other times not so much. Especially if you like pancakes. That’s the case this week as we’re proud to present the Pancakebot printer.

The Pancakebot printer is one of those items where the name says it all. It’s a printer for pancakes, but it’s oh so much more than that. Gone is the old-school griddle, and you won’t have to spend an hour trying to make a mickey mouse pancake or the perfect circle. The Pancakebot actually lets you “create” pancakes, so the only limit will be your imagination and physics.


Like a 3D printer, the Pancakebot dispenses batter in a stream onto a griddle. A computer controls the flow along with some compressed air and a vacuum, which gives you control over where the batter goes. This allows you to create damn near anything you like out of batter, as long as you can “trace” it using the Pancakebot’s tracing software.


Besides making the coolest pancakes on the block, the Pancakebot could be use outside the home for promotions or in eateries. You could do logo pancakes, sports team pancakes, or Game of Thrones pancakes if you so choose. The latter would be an awesome choice for the batter, but any flat design is fair game.

If you want the awesomeness known as the Pancakebot, you’ll want to act fast as there are only 9 days left on the clock at this time. The project crushed its funding goal, and while all the ‘Early Birds’ are gone, you can still pick one up for $179 and have it on your doorstep in July.


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