Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Wakē alarm clock

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While people’s tastes and dislikes vary wildly, we all have some things in common. Sleep is one of them, and when you hit the pillow, it’s never fun to get up – especially when there’s two of you in the bed. Trying to rise without waking your significant other can be difficult, but the Wakē alarm clock can make things easier and a whole lot cooler.

The Wakē alarm clock is a creation from the folks at Lucera Labs, and it’s designed to ensure one of you gets up in the morning while the other can keep snoring. This is important if you want you’re beauty sleep or a healthy relationship as nobody wants to be woken up several hours before the alarm clock rings. Wakē can work for solo sleepers as well, but the way it functions shows it was definitely built for two.

Once you’ve mounted the Wakē alarm clock over your bed, it’s build-in brain takes care of the rest. The clock can single a sleeper out by their body heat, then gently wake them up with focused beams of light and sound. It’s not nearly as scary as it might sound, and it uses a white LED light to give things a more natural feel which may help you hit the floor more in the morning. That’s never a bad thing.

Wakē looks like a simple box on the outside, but on the inside it is far more complex. The device houses an IR sensor to track users in bed, and the motor will quietly turn the lights and the parametric speaker towards the sleeper. It also uses rechargeable batteries, so while there’s no cord, you’ll need to occasionally charge them up. Did we mention you can set everything up and control it with a smartphone app? You can, and the Wakē’s brain allows it to be upgradable so new features may arise in the future.


We’ll cut to the chase with this one. If you share a bed with someone and get up a different times, the Wakē alarm clock could be a gift from the gods. That said, it’s not the cheapest alarm clock around and all the ‘early bird’ tiers are gone, so you’ll have to shell out $249 to pick one up. The Kickstarter campaign has snagged around 300 backers and $70,000 with 46 days left to go. This one should have no problem meeting its $100,000 funding goal, and you can hit up the link below to pick one up if you’re interested.

Wakē alarm clock

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