Quick Review: WWE 2K Mobile


The WWE or WWF for you old-school fans, has been around for ages, and the company has had its hand in many a video game over the years. Wrestling games on mobiles are slim pickins’ to say the least, but we got a new one last week with WWE 2K mobile. After spending the weekend with the game, we’re back for a quick review of the best mobile wrestling game around.

If you groaned when you noticed 2K’s WWE 2K mobile in the app store, prepare to turn that frown upside down. There are no cards to collect, and you don’t have to deal with loads of in-app purchases. WWE 2K mobile is a console-style port, so you get what you pay for and it turns out that’s quite a lot.


WWE 2K mobile is a full-fledged wrestling game, which means you can play through a career and fight your way into the Hall of Fame. You can do that with your own created superstar, and while the character creation isn’t as deep as the console counterpart, it’s far more than we expected and a nice touch.


The actual wrestling works is tap and swipe based, and 2K has done a nice job of converting the controls over to touchscreen devices. You can tap to throw a blow or “pinch” to grapple, and there’s an in-depth training section that gives you the scoop on all the moves. In a nutshell, you shouldn’t have any problems picking up on the gameplay, and while some things can be tricky, it works well for the most part.


In terms of gameplay, WWE 2K mobile offers up single matches, career mode and multiplayer. Single matches can take place in one of three venues and allows you to fight against an opponent of your choice, while Career mode is self-explanatory. Multiplayer mode is just as awesome as it sounds – it’s real-time and you can play against your pals or in quick matches against random opponents online.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up WWE 2K mobile, but was pleasantly surprised by what 2K put together. Mobile sports games are tough to pull off, but they’ve nailed WWE 2K mobile and it’s as close to the console as you’re going to get. Hell, they even got the intros in as you can see from the screenshot above.

It’s one of the more expensive mobile games around at $7.99, but well worth the price tag if you want a great wrestling game on your mobile. You can pick up WWE 2K mobile on Google Play or the App Store if you’re ready to give it a go.

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