The Asus VivoWatch said to offer up 10-day battery life

asus vivowatch

Before you know it, you’ll see convenience stores carrying smartwatches as companies and consumers are warming to the new tech. Last year, we got our first big wearables push, and 2015 will be no different as witnessed by the Apple Watch. Asus is getting on the action as well, and they’ve just unveiled the Asus VivoWatch to the world.

Asus already has one smartwatch in the wild with the ZenWatch, and the Asus VivoWatch is quite a bit different than its predecessor. Whereas the ZenWatch had a classic design, the VivoWatch looks to be more sporty, and the company has addressed a major issue as well. The ZenWatch only got around 2-days worth of juice, but the Asus VivoWatch is said to increase that up to 10-days.

Aside from an insane amount of battery life, the Asus VivoWatch will sport a stainless steel body with a built-in heart rate monitor and other health tracking features. It will be water and dust resistant as well, and it may not come with Android Wear, which is great news or horrible depending on your feelings towards the platform. For what it’s worth, the OS screenshots shown definitely doesn’t scream ‘Android Wear’ and Asus appears to be pulling a Samsung with the OS switch on their wearables.

We aren’t sure when or where the Asus VivoWatch will land or how much it will cost, but the company is showing it off at Milan Design Week in Spain starting tomorrow. With that in mind, we expect to hear more details soon as we feel the company will want to push their product out before the Moto 360 sequel and Samsung’s new wearables arrive.

via – Engadget

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