The Chrona Smart Insert puts a Sleep Tracker in your Pillow

chrona sleep insert

Sleep aids come in many forms, and there are plenty available for today’s techie. Earlier this month, we took a look at the Wakē alarm clock, and now we’re going to switch things up by targeting a device for your pillow. It’s called the Chrona, and it’s said to have the ability to make the dumb pillow a whole lot smarter.

The Chrona is a device from Ultradia, and it’s the smartest piece of memory phone you’ll ever own. It’s design allows for it to be used with any ordinary pillow, and it functions as a full-fledged sleep tracking solution. That’s not all it can do though, as the Chorna can also lull you to sleep or gently rouse you when it’s time to awake from your slumber.


The Chrona insert has sensors that will track your sleep based on your movement throughout the night. It can send you into a deeper slumber with its Deep Sleep Boost, which comes courtesy of low-frequency sounds, and a built-in speaker or it can give you the Perfect Wake-Up with high-frequency sounds before the alarm goes off. Said alarm uses ‘gentle’ vibrations to wake you, and as you’d expect, you can control it all through the Chrona smartphone app.

As with a lot of cool tech, the Chrona smart insert is available through Kickstarter at the moment, although this is the type of gadget we could see in shops like Bed, Bath and Beyond down the road. The cheapest ‘early bird’ tiers are long gone, but there are plenty of spots at $99 and $199, which is still down from the expected retail price of $169.

Chrona Smart Insert

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