iBeani – The great new home for your tablet

iBeani Red iPad

iBeani™ is a stylish bean bag, specifically designed to hold tablets or e-readers on any surface at the perfect angle.

If you get tired of holding your iPad or tablet whilst lying in bed or sitting on the sofa then the iBeani is the perfect solution.

Whilst other tablet stands will only work on flat surfaces, the iBeani is able to shift its shape to support and keep your device in the position you want, wherever you are. On the train, on the sofa or on a kitchen worktop, the iBeani works everywhere and makes settling in for a long read inviting.

iBeani tablet stand on SofaThe iBeani is manufactured entirely in the UK from carefully selected quality fabrics to ensure customers get the highest quality and durable product possible.

There are 16 different variations of the iBeani with different materials and designs such as Harris Tweed tartan, faded blue cord, butterfly, techno black, denim, and many more coming soon to appeal to men, women and children of all ages.

Ashley Freer, Director, DeVancer Limited said:

The iBeani tablet stand bean-bag was created because we were fed up of having to hold our tablet! It can be so awkward trying to hold with one hand and navigate or type with the other. Having looked at other tablet stands on the market it was clear that each one had their faults, so we decided to create our own. After a lot of research, head-scratching and prototypes, the iBeani tablet bean bag was created, providing a great solution for users of all ages.

Aswell as a tablet stand, when you’re tired of using the iBeani for reading you can use it as a comfy pillow to rest your head on too!

The iBeani is available from www.ibeani.co.uk with prices starting at £24.99

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