MakerSpace social network open for Beta Invites


If you read our site, you have probably heard the word “Maker” at some point. There is a massive community of Makers around the globe, and thousands of sites that can hook you up with projects. If you’re a tinkerer at heart, we’ve got a bit of cool news for you today as MakerSpace has just opened its doors for a limited Beta run.

MakerSpace is the built to be a social solution for Makers, essentially Facebook for the Maker community from the minds behind Maker Media. That’s a good thing considering not everyone is a fan of that big social network, and folks will now have their own Maker Faire community online without all the filler.

The big draw of MakerSpace aside from social connecting with like-minded folk is the ability to post your projects and pull in an audience. The site will features a newsfeed feature of sorts, and allows you to follow or be followed by your admirers. While we haven’t dug into the site, the design looks clean and feels kind of Tumblry in a way. Unfortunately, you can’t sell any of your wares on the site although it’s a feature that could find show up in the future.

MakerSpace is an interesting concept, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen someone attempt a cool social network for techies. If you’re interested in checking out the MakerSpace social network, the Beta is open and will run through May 18th. If you manage to get in, you’ll be able to invite others as well and the full MakerSpace experience is expected to launch later this year.


via – TechCrunch

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