Pebble Time release set to begin on May 27


We’ve covered Pebble’s smartwatches plenty of times over the past few years, and if a new report pans out, their latest and greatest may also be their last. That said, in the midst of possibly bad news, we also have some good news as the Pebble Time release is set to arrive on May 27.

Pebble Time is the latest smartwatch from Pebble, and the follow-up to popular wearables like the Pebble Steel and O.G. Pebble. Before Android Wear was in the wild, people were wild about Pebble, and the Pebble Time is arguably the company’s best smartwatch to date.

According to the folks at Pebble, all backers will get an invitation to finalize their selections by the end of the month. Everyone will get tracking numbers by mid-June, and production is said to be in “full swing” since the beginning of May. In addition to the actual watch release, the minds behind the wearable have said an iOS and Android app is in the works as well.

Now for the not so good news. TechCrunch has put out a report stating Pebble is in a bit of financial trouble and have reached out for additional funding to keep things rolling. Venture Capitalists from Silicon Valley have been turning down requests for additional funds, and the company has had to take out a $5 million dollar loan to go along with a $5 million line of credit for the time being. Keep in mind, these are just rumors at the moment, but where there’s smoke, there is generally fire.

Today’s news is bittersweet for fans of Pebble and backers of the Pebble Time. While it’s great that you’ll soon receive your new smartwatch, it’s safe to say that the company is going to have some issues going forward now that the Apple Watch has arrived.

Do you think Pebble will be able to keep the lights on with all the competition in the wearables world?

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