Say Goodbye to Wall Chargers and Hello to Couchlet

couchlet charger

There are dozens of ways to charge up your favorite mobile gadget. From solar-based solutions to AA chargers, we’ve seen a bit of everything. That being said, the Couchlet charger has quickly become one of our favorites as it makes charging your favorite gadgets easier from the comfort of your couch or bed.

It’s safe to say everyone has charged their smartphone or tablet lying in bed, and the couch is always a popular spot to veg out with your smartphone. What’s not fun is having a short cord or running out of juice. That’s where the Couchlet charger steps in as it makes charging your smartphone or tablet a breeze sans the wall socket.

The Couchlet charger is a charging block with two built in USB charging ports. It’s made to slide between cushions or sandwiched between your box spring and mattress – two popular places for charging up. The device has an “arm” of sorts that allows you to adjust it to a comfortable angle, and there’s a 6-foot USB cable, so you shouldn’t have a problem reaching the charging port of your device regardless of how big your couch or how much you like to sprawl.

If you end up cramped after playing Candy Crush for hours on the couch or hate having to sit next to a wall socket, the Couchlet charger may be your solution. At this time, there’s around a month left in their Indiegogo campaign, and they are already past the funding goal so this one’s good to go from that standpoint. It’s also priced right as you’ll only have to shell out $16 for a Couchlet. The first units are set to ship out in December, and you can pick up a Couchlet charger from the link below.

Couchlet Charger

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