Self-healing concrete has arrived with BioConcrete


Mutant abilities from a bottle or pill aren’t here yet, but certain products are starting to adopt some interesting properties. We’ve seen smartphone’s will self-healing backs, and now scientists have created something called BioConcrete.

BioConcrete is the brainchild of Henk Jonkers, a microbiology professor from the Netherlands. Jonkers has found a way to fix a problem builders have been facing for ages – cracks. Concrete by itself is pretty durable, but water can wreak havoc on the material over time. That won’t be the case with BioConcrete.

Bacteria is probably the last thing you would associate with concrete, but it’s what Henk Jonkers turned to for BioConcrete. Calcium Lactate and bacillus bacteria is put into capsules and added into the concrete mix. Those capsules are made from biodegradable plastic, and when water enters a crack, up opens the capsule. After the bacteria and lactate do their thing, nature takes its course and limestone forms to fill in those cracks.

We’re not sure when we will see a building use BioConcrete or if we’ll ever be able to stroll into Home Depot and pick up a bag of capsules to put into our own mix. That said, we are excited to see how builders take to the material in the future, and hope to see more interesting solutions of this nature to common problems like cracked concrete.

source: CNN

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