The FOVE VR headset brings eye tracking to the table

Fove vr headset

VR still hasn’t “arrived” yet, but we’re getting a good look at it through gadgets like the Gear VR and Oculus dev kits. There are dozens of new headsets vying for a piece of the pie, but the FOVE VR headset has something others don’t possess quite yet – eye tracking.

The FOVE VR headset will work in a similar fashion as devices like the Gear VR and Cardboard as it puts you into a virtual space. It can also track head movements like its competitors, but has added eye tracking with something called Foveated rendering. This will track where you’re looking in the virtual space, which allows the headsets graphics engine to put resources where they need to be and adjust the focus.

Some of the example of eye tracking shown off in the FOVE VR headset Kickstarter campaign include aiming in a FPS game and giving a bit of a Bokeh effect to things by blurring the areas you’re not focused on. There’s also a clip showing a character reacting with emotion as you look at its face, which would be handy in RPG’s or games with a lot of interaction.

Fove headset

If the FOVE VR headset seems like your cup of virtual tea, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is it’s on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its funding goal of $250,000 with 38 days left on the clock. The bad news is the first units won’t ship until May of 2016, which is quite a ways off. There will also be many other product introduced before its released, and the Oculus Rift could be one of them.

It’s too early to tell how VR will do when it finally arrives in the mainstream, but there will be plenty of options to choose from depending on your preferences. The FOVE VR headset is one of them, and it will set you back around $375 and $599 depending on your preferences.

FOVE VR headset

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