The ShowerCase allows you to use any Smartphone in the Water

showercase smartphone holder

It’s a horrible feeling when you buy a new smartphone just to drop it into a pool or the toilet – it happens. There are some “water resistant” handsets out there, but no universal solution that will work with tiny handsets and massive phablets. Well, there may be now as the ShowerCase is a new device that allows you to waterproof any smartphone in a unique way.

There are many ways to go about adding a bit of waterproofing to your smartphone, but all have their drawbacks and some could result in a bricked device. The ShowerCase has arrived on Kickstarter to take care of your waterproofing needs, and it’s a device that is built to work with any smartphone whether it’s Android, iOS, or any other OS under the sun.

The way the ShowerCase works is simple. As the name implies, it’s a waterproof case for your handset, but with a few extra perks. It’s been designed to let you get full use of your smartphone, so you’ll be able to swipe and tap through anything you choose. The audio is said to be clear as well, so you can watch a flick or make a call from the lake or pool without fear of damaging your device. Throw in a couple of removable suction cups, and you can listen to your tunes in the shower until you shrivel up like a prune.

If you’re interested in the ShowerCase smartphone holder (you know you are), it’s still early in the Kickstarter phase with a goal of $10,000. There seems to be plenty of folks interested judging by the early numbers, and the case is very affordable at only $15 a pop. Hit up the link below if you want to snag a ShowerCase or find out more about the project.


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